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Explore Apple Vacations’ All Inclusive Deals To Bahamas

Care to swim around with sharks on your all-inclusive Bahamas Vacation? Although the sight of a dorsal fin approaching you in the vast ocean would anyhow make your skin crawl beneath, to spot mighty sharks under the waves makes you realize how extraordinarily graceful and dominant these creatures are, and how seamlessly they blend in their very own environment. Some dozen dive operators in the Bahamas offer special shark dives for the intrepid, and take you down fifty feet to the sandy bottom, accompanied by armed guards.

Divers line up kneeling, with their arms tucked in (since stray hands resemble fish, they should be held close to the body). A feeder comes out, armored in chain mail and lumbering like some zombie; and the sharks respond immediately. Six to nine-foot-long Caribbean reef sharks begin circling the feeder waiting for food, sometimes nuzzling him impatiently in the chest. The feeder grabs them and hugs them — the scene is no doubt thought-provoking and fragile at the same time.

Apple vacations brings all inclusive packages for beach resorts in Abaco Islands that give you an education on sharkology along with honing your dive. Sharks ride on three fins set symmetrically 120 degree around their bodies. Sharks’ teeth are on a conveyor belt: new teeth roll out as old ones break off. Sharks’ womb sacs contain hundreds of eggs, many of which don’t develop. Moreover sharks are extremely intelligent, demonstrating communication skills with other sharks and long-term memory as well.

At Walker’s Cay the divers descend first, then frozen chum in a bucket is tethered on the bottom. Hundreds of Blacktip, nurse, and Caribbean reef sharks cruise in. Divers are warned to remain outside of the zone of competition (within 15 feet of the food), but the intrepid are free to swim among the sharks elsewhere, even touching them (the sharks don’t seem to mind — although the caveat about waving hands resembling fish applies here as well).

Feeder throws small fishes at sharks, which is done to attract the intriguing mammals towards them. Afterwards, as many adventure enthusiasts have been proudly reported saying “I saw an 8 foot-long shark come straight at me deserting the main pack.It moved with lazy insinuations in its body, hovering like a space craft, incredibly graceful, as I tried to conceal my alarm”.

Checkout the last minute all inclusive deals by Apple Vacations that corroborate great adventure and a deep dive with sharks for the brave at an affordable price. Grab the amazing offers and pack your swim wear to hit the beach and enjoy these adventurous escapades.

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