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How to get up to 10% discount

You start by planning and building your vacation itinerary. Once you’ve identified the vacation you want, the system will display an itinerary recap page, which looks like this.


Simply take a screenshot of this page and e-mail it to us. We will respond to your email within 30-60 minutes with your discount amount. Please make sure to include your phone number when emailing the screenshot.

While on this recap page, it very important that you don’t click on «continue booking», as it will ask you for payment and you will no longer be eligible for an instant discount.

Once you receive our discount notification email, we will ask you if you want to proceed with making a reservation. If so, we will book your reservation and deduct the discount from the total.

We then e-mail you a confirmation so that you can verify that all of the travel and payment information is correct. After getting your approval, we then e-mail you a secured credit card authorization web form so that payment can be made. Once payment is approved, we will send out a confirmation.

This may sound like a lot of steps, but we assure you it’s not and can be done in less than 30 minutes. Plus, you get to save a lot of money!

Start planning your vacation now

We recommend taking a screenshot of the itinerary page and emailing it. However, if you prefer to write out the details in an email, please make sure you include all of the following information as listed below.

Travel Dates
City of Departure
Number of Travelers
Number of Nights
Name of Airline
Flight Numbers/Time
Hotel/Resort Name
Room Category
Number of Rooms
AVOK Travel Insurance (Yes or No)

10% Discount — Frequently Asked Questions

How is the 10% calculated?
The 10% discount applys only to the hotel portion of the vacation package. There is a booking fee of $25.

For Example:
Hotel Portion is $2,500 /
Discount Amount $250

For Example:
Hotel Portion is $3,700 /
Rebate Amount $382

Does the 10% discount apply to special and square deals?
No. When you book an Apple Vacations best buy package deal or a square deal you can only get a 5% discount. Our commission rates are much lower on the special deals as compared to standard vacation packages. Therefore we are unable to provide the same discount as a standard vacation packages. There is a per booking fee of $25. (Not per person)

What happens if I accidently paid online while planning my vacation?
We will not be able to apply an instant discount, our system will not allow us to provide you with an instant credit. However, we truly care about your business and are more than happy to honor the discount.

Checks are mailed out the week after you return from your trip. This is because Apple Vacations pays us our commission only at the time that you return from your trip. This is done just in case you cancel your trip.

If you accidently paid for your reservation online, it is your responsibility to contact us and ask for the up to 10% discount check. There is a booking fee of $25.

For any questions please
email us.: or call us 718-833-3500 or 1-888-262-7210

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